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Le Blanc Wines are produced from grapes grown in the Central Valley of California. These table wines are our best selling export wine.


Price List
Description Size Case Price
Premium Red/Burgundy 12x750 ml $21.95
Premium Red/Burgundy 6x1.5 liter $20.55
Premium Red/Burgundy 4x3 liter $20.95
Premium Red/Burgundy 4x4 liter $25.15
Premium Red/Burgundy 1x18 liter $24.65
Premium Blush/Rose 12x750 ml $21.00
Premium Blush/Rose 6x1.5 liter $20.75
Premium Blush/Rose 4x3 liter $20.45
Premium Blush/Rose 4x4 liter $21.50
Premium Blush/Rose 1x18 liter $20.50
Premium White/Chablis 12x750 ml $20.95
Premium White/Chablis 6x1.5 liter $20.45
Premium White/Chablis 4x3 liter $20.00
Premium White/Chablis 4x4 liter $21.00
Premium White/Chablis 1x18 liter $19.50
White Zinfandel 12x750 ml $26.00
White Zinfandel 6x1.5 liter $25.50
White Zinfandel 4x3 liter $26.50
White Zinfandel 4x4 liter $33.00
White Zinfandel 1x18 liter $32.00
Cabernet Sauvignon 1x18 liter $53.00
Chardonnay 1x18 liter $53.00
Champagne 12x750 ml $25.00

All Prices FOB Winery, Culter, California
750 ml: 12 bottles/case; 1.5 liter: 6 bottle/case;
3 liter: 4 bottle/case; 4 liter: 4 bottle/case.
All amounts are in U.S. dollars
Prices effective as of January 1, 1998
and are subject to change.

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